Joana Magureanu

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Head of Marketing Communication

Alzamora Group - Girona

The Alzamora Group originated in a printing which was founded by Pere Alzamora i Michel in 1900 in the city of Olot.
More than 100 years later, that small workshop has become a powerful conglomerate of three companies of reference, leaders in their sector, throughout Europe.

This transformation is the result of the effort and the talent of three generations of the Alzamora family. Over the years the family has managed a first class professional team, while keeping its eyes on the world at large and always ready to move forward with the times.
The key to our success has been our ability to observe and understand the sector and so improve continually in order to be more and more competitive.

The enthusiasm of the Alzamora Group to stay at the forefront has a single objective; that of keeping our clients in the vanguard.

Joana Magureanu, born in Transilvania in 1991, empathic, communicative, capable of managing different projects, studied Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia (University of Girona) apart from specializations in digital marketing, web positioning and strategic planning. Currently, she is the Head of Marketing and Communication at Alzamora Group.

Sede de Alzamora packaging - Girona

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  • Masterclass – Joana Magurean:
    Thursday, March 28th, from 10 a.m. to 11:50 a.m.
    “Oh My –What amazing packs! Changes in the design of the Packaging”

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