Isidro Ferrer

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Isidro Ferrer

Graphic Designer - Illustrator


Books, posters, objects, animations, textiles, sculptures, lamps. Any support, technique, communication channel, serves to express with images his passion for the theater of life. National Design Award, National Illustration Prize, covers with his work a vast physical and emotional geography.

Illustrator and designer by devotion, he acts with reality in a similar way to the verse-making machine that Juan de Mairena imagined: on one side the world enters, on the other the poetry comes out. You can think that there is inside one of the great stomachs of the planet.

Don’t miss the conference by Isidro Ferrer at CongrésGràfic at GRADA inside graphispag:

  • Conference – Isidro Ferrer:
    Friday, March 29th, from 15:15 to 16 h
    “Forms, images, poetry and messages”

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