In three questions: Pablo Mariné

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Pablo Mariné

Graphic designer

kolnstudio - madrid

Pablo Mariné Pablo Mariné, from Koln Studio, faces different projects looking for unique solutions for each client, working with them hand in hand. Its objective is to offer global and lasting results by working from the initial idea to the final production, looking for solid and original concepts that provide a “design thinking”.

Why do you do what you do?

From childhood I received the influence of graphic design and visual communication from my father, Oscar Mariné. I have been lucky to grow up surrounded by typographies, grids and very diverse graphic material that I suppose is what has led me down this road. I think that is the most logical explanation to this question …

What makes you happiest of your work?

That each project is totally different from the previous one. There is always something new and different to explore and to learn.

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What is your goal when you do a project?

See it come true. How much the client and our team end up satisfied and with the feeling that our work is worthwhile. And always having the feeling of growing or improving.

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