In three questions: Fernando Baptista

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Fernando Baptista

Senior editor

Why do you do what you do?

I ended up doing graphics a bit by chance, I went from illustrator to infographic artist, although my initial idea was being professor of Fine Arts. But I was totally hooked on telling stories visually.

What makes you happiest of your work?

I enjoy designing the graphics and animations, selecting the information and finding the concept. Perhaps the most fascinating part is traveling onsite to gather information and meet the experts, that’s priceless. The plastic part is always a challenge, I have to learn how to draw different themes: animals, boats, architecture, people …. in many cases things that I have never drawn before.

What is your goal when you do a project?

The first thing is that people understand the graphic, that they think it is simple and interesting and that the story is well told. The second thing is that they find it attractive, that they are hooked visually and that they spend time with him. I always look for that balance between the artistic part and the informative part.

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