In three questions: Carles Anadon

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Carles Anadón

Graphic designer and projects director

Why do you do what you do?

Sometimes in life you are lucky enough to find the path you like at the beginning, and this makes you a privileged one. In my case, at 18, the director of the Massana school, Jesus Prieto, knew about me and showed me the school with a personalized visit that marked me for life. Eternally grateful to him.

What makes you happier about this job?

That I do it naturally and without being a burden for me. It is my natural element. I’m very lucky.

What is your goal when you make a project?

To surpass the client’s expectations towards the project. It is the only way to loyalty and streamline the phases. It is essential to win their confidence as soon as possible. Our projects are complex and long. This at some stages generates doubts and the client must always know that you know what you are doing and that you are with him to help him.

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