In three questions: Àlex Gobern

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Àlex Gobern

Graphic designer

Why do you do what you do?

Because I love working with a raw material like creativity.

What makes you happiest about this job?

This is a job in which each day and in each project, you can learn new things. So much for the typology of the projects as for the set of different professionals with whom you can get to work.

However, seeing a published work is something very rewarding too. Especially when it comes to those types of projects in which there has been a good harmony between the agency and the client. Behind every project, as simple it may seem, there is a large amount of work. What better award than being able to contemplate it in its natural habitat and having the public interacting with it?

What is your goal when you do a project?

Try to do something different, without getting out of the script. And know how to stick to the script, even when it is uncomfortable to do the job as well as possible.

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